How It Works

Booking and drop off procedure

  • Once you are ready to book, all you have to do is phone us and make a booking or complete an online application. After this you will receive a confirmation email for your peace of mind.
  • Next one of our drivers will meet you at the arranged time outside the terminal. The driver will assist you with any luggage and confirm the date and time of your return. Once this is done the driver will provide you with a receipt then drive your vehicle to our secure car park.
  • In the event of you arriving earlier or later than the arranged time please inform our office on 0208 759 0243 to ensure we will meet you as soon as you arrive.

Collection Procedure

  • Once you arrive back into Heathrow airport, after you have collected your luggage, a simple phone call to our office will ensure a member of staff will be waiting outside for you with your car
  • As you approach your car, our driver will be easily visible wearing Pronto Parking uniform. You hand over your receipt which was previously handed to you, and sign the return document which confirms the car has been released back to you
  • If for any reason your flight is early, delayed or cancelled, there is no need to worry, as all incoming flights are regularly checked along with your return flight number. In this instance please call us once you have collected your luggage

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