Pronto Parking Terms and Conditions

1.01 - We confirm all bookings made online and on the phone by issuing a booking reference number

1.02 - Once the booking is confirmed and the reference number is issued , all terms and conditions are deemed to be accepted

1.03 - You may cancel your booking for any reason up to 24 hours before the schedule time of the service and a full refund is given

1.04 - No refund will be given if the service is cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled date and time, including no arrival on the day

1.05 - Any cancelation made by you must be sent via e-mail (

1.06 - Any alterations made by you within 24 hours of departure will incur a charge of £10 for each and every amendment made

1.07 - If you wish to curtail the length of stay after the parking period has commenced you will still be liable to pay the full amount agreed upon booking

1.08 - We must be informed by you of any amendments made to the original booking via e-mail

1.09 - Any increase in the duration of stay once the parking period has begun will be debited from the customer’s account, or payment collected on the return before the release of the vehicle

Payments & Prices

2.01- Prices will be in pound sterling and will be the amount agreed upon booking. The price is including VAT

2.02 - Bookings can be paid by using an appropriate debit or credit card

2.03 - All payments and charges incurred must be paid prior to the collection of the vehicle

2.04 - Any parking period that is extended will be charged at a daily rate

Our Liability

3.01- Our insurers cover our legal liability

3.02 - We will be responsible for any damage to the paint work or body work of your vehicle if is it proven that it was caused by us

3.03 - We will only be liable for damage to body or paint work that has not been recorded on the original inspection report

3.04 - You agree that we can carry out any repairs to your vehicle if damage is caused while in our possession, by a garage or an organisation of our choice

3.05 - We will be held liable for the cost and only the cost of replacing a customer’s car key in the event it is lost by us

3.06 - In certain circumstances your car may need to be moved to our larger secure compound which is no more than 10 miles from Heathrow one way

3.07 - Every car will get a free outside hand car wash, but in certain circumstances we may not be able to.

Exclusions and Limits to our liability.

4.01 - Any liability occurred by us as a result of your vehicle not complying with the road traffic act, the customer will be held fully responsible for all cost and liability

4.02 - We will not take legal responsibility for personnel property left in the vehicle

4.03 - We will not take legal responsibility for any indirect loss of earnings due to damage or loss to your vehicle

4.04 - We will not take legal responsibility for losses incurring from a stolen or miss placed receipt for your vehicle

4.05 - We will not be held responsible for any damage not reported to our staff immediately on the return of the vehicle at the terminal after a signature has been obtained

4.06 - We accept no liability for faulty keys, alarm fobs or any other keys left with the vehicle key

4.07 - We will not take any legal responsibility for any mechanical, electrical or structural failure of any part of your vehicle

4.08 - We will not take legal responsibility if an unfortunate act of terrorism, act of god or nature, damage done my vandals and criminal activity

4.09 - We will not be held legally liable for the delay in making the vehicle available for collection, if this before the end of the agreed parking period

4.10 - We will not accept any liability for damage to any vehicle unless proved to be caused by us

4.11 - We will not accept legal responsibility for any loss or damage covered by your own insurance

4.12 - We will not pay more than £50000 for loss of or damage to your vehicle

4.13 - We will not be held responsible for missed flights as a direct or indirect result of our service

4.14 - We will not be held responsible for any chips or broken glass to the vehicle whether mentioned on the receipt or not

4.15 - We will not be held responsible for any minor scratches or dents which may not be possible to identify in confined times and weather conditions regardless of being mentioned on the receipt or not

4.16 - we will not be held responsible for any mechanical, tyre or alloy damage caused by potholes or nails on the road

4.17 - We will not be held legally liable for delays between the car park and the airport caused by traffic congestion, coach break down or any other cause beyond our control

Your Responsibility

5.01 - Your vehicle may be videoed or photographed when it enters and leaves the car park after damage is reported. Any fraudulent claims will be reported to the police

5.02 - It is your responsibility that during the period that your vehicle is in our procession it is in a legal and road worthy condition for driving on public roads. Any dangerous, toxic or illegal substances must not be left in the vehicle

5.03 - If at the end of the parking period the vehicle does not start, one of our employees will make one attempt to jump start the vehicle using jump leads with your authorisation. If however your vehicle still does not start, it is your responsibility to arrange for the vehicle to be removed within 24hrs of the end of the parking period, after this period you will be charged the daily amount. You will also have to pay for all costs involved

5.04 - The Conditions below apply to all customers

- At the end of the parking period, you must inspect the vehicle and report any damages to us on the official report form before signing the return document and leaving the airport with your vehicle.

- You must let us know about any automatic security features or modifications to the vehicle. You must also notify us about any vehicle immobiliser or anything that might affect how the vehicle handles and operates.

- You must check the driver’s seat and mirror positioning when you reclaim the vehicle as these may have been re-arranged.

5.05 - You are responsible for arriving at the terminal in good time (1 hour before airlines recommended check in time) to ensure that you will not miss your flight

5.06 - Keys must be handed over at the meeting point, if you do not do this we may move the vehicle in any way we can and not be liable for any damage or harm caused to the vehicle

5.07 - We will not tolerate any verbal or physical abuse to our staff, we reserve the right to withdraw our service without any refund

5.08 - You must insure your car has valid MOT, Road Tax and Insurance

5.09 - It is your responsibility that all windows are fully closed before you hand over the vehicle to our driver

5.10 - You must ensure you remove all personal belonging of any value before you hand over the vehicle to our driver

Reclaiming the vehicle

6.01 - When reclaiming your vehicle you must produce the receipt or ticket that we would have previously provided. If you lose the receipt, proof of your identification and vehicle owner’s identity will need to be produced

6.02 - In the event of your receipt or ticket being lost or stolen you should let us know immediately via e-mail or fax, including your name and address to ensure your vehicle is not released until you return

6.03 - In the event of you returning before the end of your parking period you must give us at least 6 hours minimum notice to make your vehicle available

6.04 - If we feel that you are not fit to drive or that your vehicle is not road worthy we may refuse to return your keys

6.05 - It is your responsibility to carry a spare set of keys for your vehicle. We require you to take the spare keys with you to your destination


7.01 - If you have a disability or any special needs, please advise us before making the booking via e-mail or phone call to ensure we can make any arrangements possible

7.02 - We will try our utmost best to meet any special requirements that you may have to the best of our ability

Complaint Procedure

8.01 - Any disputes over any damage to your vehicle must be noted down on the return document which must be signed by both parties and a copy must be obtained by both parties

8.02 - Any complaints over damages to your car will not be considered once you have left the airport with your car, and not showed it to our driver and stated it on the return document. So please inspect your car carefully before you sign the return document and leave

8.03 - In the case of theft, the customer must report to the police and their insurance company to deal with the insurance claim as we are not liable for theft from our grounds.

8.04 - As soon as the car arrives at our car park the insurance for the vehicle reverts back to your own insurance for the vehicle.

8.05 - All disputes and complaints must be sent in writing to or by post to our address

8.06 - All complaints and disputes that we receive by e-mail or post will receive a written decision within- 30 days

Changing the conditions

9.01 - No person can change, vary or alter these terms and conditions without our permission


10.01 - “We”- Pronto Parking Ltd

10.02 - “Us” - Pronto Parking Ltd

10.03 - “You” - The customer who’s name is on the booking confirmation regardless if they made the booking or not

10.04 - “Your” - The customer who’s name is on the booking confirmation regardless if they made the booking or not

10.05 - “The customer” - The customer who’s name is on the booking confirmation regardless if they made the booking or not

10.06 - “Vehicle” - Registration and car details that appear on the booking confirmation

10.07 - “Car Park” - The car park we use at Pronto Parking

10.08 - “Parking Period” - The dates that your car is in our possession, shown on the booking confirmation

10.09 - “Our insurer” - Tradex

10.10 - “Our Address” - Address of car park used by Pronto Parking Ltd

10.11 -“e-mail”-

10.12 - “Our telephone number” - 0208 759 0243

10.13 - All bookings are liable and serviced by Pronto Parking Ltd

Privacy Policy

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

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